Friday, July 07, 2006

Progress Indeed

I have caught myself up to where I was on Picovoli, pre-ripping, and I wanted to take a picture of it on to show how things are going. I give you, Picovoli:

What? The image looks like...nothing? Yeah, I think my camera is officially on its last legs. I might put my bonus towards a new digital camera...
I used the tried-and-true Basil Fawlty "Smack on Head" technique to get it working and came out with this picture:

(Ignore the white strings you can see; those will be where the sleeves are added later, and where I will continue knitting at the bottom.)

Also, just for laughs, I caught Emo mid-yawn on my cell phone.

Hahahahahhaa. I can't stop laughing at this, or thinking of things he could be yelling in a funny voice.

1 comment:

lorinda said...

That is a hilarious picture of Emo. Is he a Bengal? I have two Bengals.