Thursday, November 30, 2006


To celebrate my first babysitting adventure this Saturday, and to keep myself occupied while said baby sleeps, I am making her (yet another) baby blanket. This one will be greater than the other two and fun to make.
I'm doing a square for each letter of the alphabet, based on alphabet dishcloth patterns, and then seaming them all together for a blanket. I am using Bernat Cotton Tots in five colors, and I can't decide which color design I like best... Pattern or chaos?

I'm leaning towards the pattern...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Since Michael and I will be at the lake for Thanksgiving, I will go ahead and make my annual list of things I am thankful for now.
In no particular order:
1. Michael. Best boy ever. I love him so much, and I think we've grown a lot this last year.
2. My parents, for being my best friends that I don't want to get rid of.
3. Emo, for our five year anniversary, and for being the best cat I could ever have.
4. Topper, for being so cute that we instantly fell in love, and for making me smile and laugh on a daily basis.
5. Audrey, for getting along with Emo and being Emo the Sequel.
6. Knitting, for keeping me sane through everything.
7. Yarn of all kinds for giving me inspiration and a reason to save money.
8. Not having a baby of my own like so many people I went to high school with, but for having a cute one to babysit every now and then.
9. 7-11, for Big Gulps and chocolate milk and tabloids late at night.
10. Laura, my sister/cousin all in one. 29 days!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I can apparently take care of a reeeeally, almost painfully cute 8 month old baby girl for money now. This blows my mind and I am soooo excited.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Secret Pal Package!

I got my first secret pal package in the mail yesterday, and everything is sooo wonderful! I'll start out with the money shot and then show you my absolute favorite:

She (I'm guessing it's a lady :) ) sent me a sweet card (I love the knitting design on the front), some very nice chocolate I haven't dared to touch yet, a wonderul body wash (grapefruit and mint - mmmmm), the softest lip balm I have ever used (and I needed it today!), and best of all, a pair of hand-knit fetching, from knitty's summer issue - in hot pink! It's the most amazing match to Thelma, my car, and I can't wait to put these to good use tomorrow. I can't do the pink justice by photographing it, but I'll try again in the sunshine tomorrow.
Look how even and beautiful the stitches are!

Thank you Secret Pal! You rock!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm in a weird sort of melancholy mood right now regarding old friends. I am getting back into touch with a few of them, and all but one are just really bumming me out.
Especially Ana.
I think the reason Ana and I will never really meet up and hang out like we always say we will is because I just couldn't handle it. I associate her with this wonderful, innocent, I guess even blissfully ignorant part of my life. She was always so pure and fun and now she's just sloshed.
I know we're just in our early early twenties, and I'm not against drinking. It just frustrates me when people fall into these ruts with drinking and smoking every weekend, every night, whenever. That's ultimately what made me push myself away from my latest set of girlfriends. Things just got so old ... There was never anything new, no adventures.

up and down

Things I like, lately:
sock yarn
wearing my marc jacobs flats daily
counting down until I see Laura again
talking to people and making them laugh

Things I don't like, lately:
Topper ruining my child's french sock and devouring my bamboo needles.
not getting enough sleep
feeling ill in general

My Noro scarf is about halfway done. It's all I worked on this weekend, and it made me happy. I'm doing a short row, multidirectional scarf. Simple, but sooo quick. I'm thinking of doing entrelac with the next 3 skeins of Kureyon I get in the mail. I woke up this morning to find that Topper had gotten a hold of my child's french sock, almost through the gussets. It's dead. He ate the bamboo needles I was working it with, and thus all of the stitches are loose and impossible to pick back up. I'm currently not on speaking terms with my puppy for this reason.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Noro Therapy

Because of a fairly bad day, I went out and enjoyed some light retail therapy - 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon in color 159. It's so vivid and beautiful, and as much as I love knitting socks, there's something I can't explain about feeling wool run through my fingers while I'm making a scarf. Especially Kureyon. I plan on making another feather and fan scarf, like the one I made last year, to go with my new coat.

As wonderful as all of this winter planning is, it won't do me any good if we continue having 90 degree days like today. Ugh.