Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am 2/3 way done with a lot of things right now, so I figured I would take a break from them to write.

I have a government midterm tomorrow, and I feel pretty confident about the material. It's actually almost review so far, from macroeconomics in high school. Well, except I don't have to draw all of those little graphs and charts. (phew) I finished the reading I was supposed to do in Douglas A. Irwin's "Free Trade Under Fire" (which I had nicknamed "Insomnia Under Fire", until things picked up in the book). I was thinking about this, and while he does make a really good case for free trade, it just seems silly to buy into it without any real opposition to his ideas. It's like reading Marx and thinking, "yeah, communism could really work", but in reality, you know it never would. It's very easy to get surrounded and brainwashed by the ideas of something without considering the other sides at all.

I am working on the foot of a pair of jaywalkers right now. I've been afraid to mention this project, because it seems like every sock project that I mention gets destroyed by Topper pretty much instantly. I finished my project for my secret pal, and I am mailing off her package tomorrow. Once she gets the package and knows who I am, I will post a picture to show off the scarflet I made her. It's sooo soft though, it's hard to let go! At least things are finally starting to get sunnier and warmer around here. If we have another cold blast, I'm about ready to fall asleep until spring is really here.

I might not write too much after this post this week, because after my exam monday, I have a 2-page topic proposal due for my 1970's class on Wednesday, an (easy) midterm in social stats on Friday, and a midterm in Psychology on Friday as well. Eeesh. I can't wait for this week to be over, so all of this stress is gone, and so we are another week closer to getting out of this apartment and into our house.

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Anonymous said...

I think I may have been your Secret Pal from the last exchange... I'm not sure since mine was never revealed to me. But you fit the limited information I had and we shared the same hostess.

If I was your Secret Pal, can you contact me please? Thanks.