Monday, February 12, 2007

oh man

Things are starting to really pick up in every facet of my life right now.

School is still going well, but I have a lot of government reading to do this weekend. I'm not looking forward to it, and I'm trying to work it down and break it up over this week. I just finished most of my statistics homework, and I can do the rest over the next few days when I'm tired of dry government reading. I can't imagine being a government major. I'd die of boredom.

I decided I am done with the law firm at the end of this semester, and that is both exciting and nerve wracking. Hopefully, a situation may materialize in which I would be very very happy. I know what this situation would be, I just don't want to jinx it. I've had so much good luck lately, especially with the house, that I'm so afraid it will run out.

Knitting is going a little better. I am about 2/3 done with the project I am making for my secret pal. When I'm done, I'll post a picture, and when she gets the package, I'll let everyone know who she is. I feel bad it has taken me this long to send her second package. I meant to do three, but things got hectic, and now it'll just be a big second package.

Michael's 21st birthday is Wednesday (yes, Valentine's day), and we're celebrating by going to dinner and then the Parlor to play pool. Hopefully a lot of his friends will come to wish him a happy birthday.

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