Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Christmas Knitting

I have finished probably 1/3 of my Christmas knitting already, and I'm still going full speed ahead with it. I have some more hats, two scarves, a pair of slippers, and some other things that haven't been decided yet. Tonight, I finished a scarf that I cast on last night. It's five feet long, thick yarn on ridiculously thick needles:

(ignore the messy bathroom in all of these...)
My other two favorites are two hats. One, is a colorful hat, that I haven't decided who to give to yet...
colorful hat

and the other is Tychus, from knitty, made of the required yarn in heathered gray and white, for my cousin Daniel. I hope he likes it. It should be big enough for his head, as it drowns mine a little.
tychus hat

In other news, Michael and I took Topper to the dog park for the first time tonight. He did very well. It makes me giggle to watch him interact with other dogs and see him running around smiling. I love that dog so much already, and we're just one month into this.

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