Saturday, August 05, 2006

New start?

new hair

I cut my hair tonight before I went out. I didn't have very much fun. I mostly got left out and noticed what idiots they are anyway.
The following statements/actions, uttered by the new girl, made me not want to know any more about her:
1. The thing about Houston is the Astros are really good. Sports anyone? Did anyone watch the world cup?
2. I'm not doing the whole school thing.
3. Using a cigarette case to actually hold cigarettes.

I am so tired of these people and I want new smart friends who will still make me laugh and not forget to call me for two weeks or greet me with "Why are you here?"


Kim said...


I am hoping that I am not included in that category of rude friends. Because well... I wasn't there. And honestly, I never get invited either! So we're on the same boat in that aspect.

From the looks of that picture, your hair looks great! I bet you pull off shorter hair wonderfully.

Anytime you and/or Michael want to hang out, don't hesitate to call me. Plus, JBugg is out of town for a couple of weeks. Hah. I leave for CO in a week, though.

I will feel like an ass if you are not talking about who I think you are talking about, but it would be ridic' if you weren't talking about who I think you are talking about. Whew!

Okay. Take care of yourself, and I'm sorry people can be jerks. And I'm sorry if I don't call you as often as I probably should, considering I've known you since time began.


Kim again said...

Uhhh... PS, who is this new girl?

Caitlin said...

No, never you Kim Brady. You are a good friend, and we need to hang out more. Once Michael and I clean up some around here you should come over for dinner again.