Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm in a weird sort of melancholy mood right now regarding old friends. I am getting back into touch with a few of them, and all but one are just really bumming me out.
Especially Ana.
I think the reason Ana and I will never really meet up and hang out like we always say we will is because I just couldn't handle it. I associate her with this wonderful, innocent, I guess even blissfully ignorant part of my life. She was always so pure and fun and now she's just sloshed.
I know we're just in our early early twenties, and I'm not against drinking. It just frustrates me when people fall into these ruts with drinking and smoking every weekend, every night, whenever. That's ultimately what made me push myself away from my latest set of girlfriends. Things just got so old ... There was never anything new, no adventures.

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