Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Since Michael and I will be at the lake for Thanksgiving, I will go ahead and make my annual list of things I am thankful for now.
In no particular order:
1. Michael. Best boy ever. I love him so much, and I think we've grown a lot this last year.
2. My parents, for being my best friends that I don't want to get rid of.
3. Emo, for our five year anniversary, and for being the best cat I could ever have.
4. Topper, for being so cute that we instantly fell in love, and for making me smile and laugh on a daily basis.
5. Audrey, for getting along with Emo and being Emo the Sequel.
6. Knitting, for keeping me sane through everything.
7. Yarn of all kinds for giving me inspiration and a reason to save money.
8. Not having a baby of my own like so many people I went to high school with, but for having a cute one to babysit every now and then.
9. 7-11, for Big Gulps and chocolate milk and tabloids late at night.
10. Laura, my sister/cousin all in one. 29 days!!

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Secret Pal said...

I was missing babysitting for babies, but now I have a 1 yo to babysit for. Not quite a baby anymore, but she's soooo cute and lots of fun!