Sunday, December 10, 2006

Busy busy busy

This last week has been pretty hectic, but not unbearable by any means.

This coming week may be another story. I have a final in classics on Friday, and in history on Saturday. I just keep telling myself it will all be over in less than a week, and then I am done with school for a month. It is weird to think that I am 1/3 done with college. That might not seem like a lot to other people, but it is for me. I should be halfway done by this time next year, or at the end of this summer at the earliest.

Knittingwise, things are going well. I have put Eleanor's blanket on the backburner until after the new year, because I am planning to gift it for her first birthday in March. I've had a random and sudden burst of energy for Christmas knitting, but I'm not going too crazy. I think I'll still be doing the half and half, and mostly the guys will be left over for next year's gifts (which is easier anyway!).
I have an awesome pair of socks that I am working on, and a zig-zag garter stitch scarf for Michael's mom. Both are of my own design/calculations/ideas, and both are currently working, so I have a confidence boost in the designing department right now.

That's about it until after finals I guess.

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Secret Pal said...

Oooo - a zig zag scarf sounds great!