Wednesday, October 11, 2006

20 days remain

The office is holding its annual chocolate-free October contest. Whoever is left at the end of October splits $500. So far, only Sue has been knocked out, so we're up to $62.50 each. Last year I didn't even participate, but this year...I couldn't help it when I thought of all the yarn I could buy. Mark, Ken and Hunter will be easy to knock out, which would bring us to $100 each. I am also trying to sabotage Doran, but he's pretty strong willed about chocolate already.
I am to the toe of my second jaywalker, and I expect to finish it tomorrow. I would crank it out tonight, but I have to study for my government midterm. I have decided I'm not a fan of professor Brands. He has us reading through James Adams' presidency in the book, but he's not even through the revolution in lecture. He doesn't speak to us directly, but rather as a blob, and up until Tuesday, we had no idea who the TA's were because he never bothered to introduce them. And! He's not even here for the week of the midterm! Ugh.


Secret Pal said...

I've never heard of that sort of contest - can you describe it? Does it mean that whoever goes the longest without eating chocolate wins? How can they tell whether you are eating it or not if you eat it outside the office?

Wow = your teacher sounds like a real windbag! I get really annoyed when I'm listening to an interview on the radio and the person keeps mentioning their book. I imagine it would be worse in person in a class since at least on the radio, the person is there to market their book, and has a short time to talk about it. Whereas you have him yakking at you all semester. I'm so glad that I've picked a field and school in which the classes are so small there are no TAs or lectures. Generally there are 12-30 people per class.

Caitlin said...

Basically, it's the honors system, and we have to make it until October 31st without ANY chocolate - in or out of the office. It's only hard for me in the mornings when I want my chocolate milk.